BG 1 & BG 2 from Colourlovers.

Fonts from Google Fonts.

Small ghost (c) Subeta (placeholder).

Other art, coding and writing by me, Werewolf Mack

The people who tell the stories
wonder aloud if it used to be human
if somewhere,
under the leaves that smelL like rot,
there may be a sleeping man
in work clothes and a summer hat,

who dozed off in the woods one day,
or was cursed by a forest fae. IS he the one
who drips red on the Leaves? Is HE The One who carves thaT word on the trees?

Or perhaps he is only bones,
and the blood
that keeps making the DIRT into mUd

is simply from the people who are plucKED
like children pluck leaves from bushes
as they walk by.